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Security Guard Training

Who is a security guard?

A security guard is a person who looks after our safety and keeps the anti-social away from us. He ensures that we are not at risk of being harmed by any stranger or anybody. So, it is necessary that every company, residential complex and showrooms have security guards. He safeguards the surroundings to avoid thefts and guard the people in their vicinity from being injured.

A security guard has to be somebody who patrols the area of a company, campus or other locations to ensure the safety of that area. A security guard can also be someone who has to just sit in a booth and signs people in and out of a building or workplace in the company’s records. There are various types of security guards who are trained in the specific areas of their specialization.

Importance of Training

As a result for this important job, a security guard needs to be trained before he can perform his duties. If he does not undergo a proper training, he might risk the area which he looks after. He should always look for good institute than educate him about his role to play in safeguarding the organization or residential complexes.


In order to ensure that the applicants for the post of security guard would perform well, they undergo a form of training. The applicants for the post of security guard can be of different age groups. They can be young and as old as 60 years. Anyone can apply for the post of security guard regardless of their age, religion, ethnicity etc. However, they should be at least high school educated. The main quality taught in the training is vigilance. If a safety guard is not cautious any kind of harm to the company or the residential complexes could prove fatal.

Then the training involves testing him for their physical fitness, endurance and stamina. This step is crucial to enhance how much and what kind of work they can be assigned. Every candidate is assigned a job on the basis of their capacity. The employer can take a very tough physical fitness test and the applicant could find it very severe depending upon his stamina. This is meant to check his strength. There are certain weapons test wherein the guard is trained on the usage of handgun and hand held weapons such as nightstick.

The imperative qualities imparted during the training are that a security guard ought to be alert, brave and daring. He should always know how to cope with the situation no matter how risky or daunting it might be. Next, he is taught to be mentally and physically strong. In the training he is taught techniques to be an extremely keen observer to spot suspicious activities. He must have exceptional vision and hearing which allows him to get alert and warn the people in advance. Consequently, not anybody can be a security guard because there are certain skills which need to be honed for this job. A security guard’s training is very essential to get a job.

The security guard applicant should be a good learner. Only when he completes his training he is able to join his job as a security guard. Security guards are meant for your security so they should be well informed, vigilant and brave enough to face any kind of hardship he may have to face. If he gets successful, he is an eligible person for the job of security guard. Hence, to be able to provide best protection and safety to people, a security guard must undergo rigorous and essential training.